Selected Papers

Selected Handouts

  • L-Triviality and Grammar (pdf)

    A more recent take on the ideas explored in Gajewski (Ms., 2002) available above. In addition to there-sentences and exceptives, L-triviality is applied to the case of negative islands in comparative clauses (see Gajewski to appear, above). The Appendix includes an extension of the L-triviality to cases of boolean complex quantifiers. Presented in the UConn Logic Group on February 27, 2009.

  • Semantic Correlates of the NP/DP Parameter (pdf)

    (with Zeljko Boskovic) Based on generalizations made in Boskovic (2008). Offers explanations for semantic phenomena that correlate with the presence/absence of articles crosslinguistically. Topics include the interpretation of MOST and neg-raising. (NELS 39)

  • More on Quantifiers in Comparative Clauses (pdf) (slides)

    Handout from the SALT talk that gave rise to paper above. Special feature is the set of expository slides that accompany the handout. For every example marked with a dark circle there is a slide illustrating a related concept. (SALT 18)

  • On the Excluded Middle (pdf)

    A listing of constructions that have been argued to carry an Excluded Middle presupposition (EMP). Listing of arguments that same construction invovle plural reference. Derives EMP as a byproduct of repairing type-mismatch of plural sum argument and atom-taking predicate. (NELS 36)

  • Licensing Strong NPIs (pdf)

    (Handout of talk given at NYU February, 2007)